Friday, December 28, 2007


This is the first entry of what is to be an exciting, sensual, creative adventure into the world(s) of food, DIY, arts and crafts, homekeeping, and everything else in between. I've kept a personal blog for the past 7 years, and posted only vague recollections of what is going on my life, while my REAL life is in between the internet searches, the new recipes, the art I create, the letters I write, the gifts I give, the things I read, the moments shared with the people I love and the things I make...I could go on forever.

But I think it's best if we just begin...


James McNally said...

OK - Let's see what you've got.

PS - Decoupage doesn't really figure into your design ethic, does it?

PPS - if it does, post some acceptable examples of decoupage.

P3 - I am addicted to design blogs, so keep this mofo updated, and I'm into it.

Sean Landers said...

Aces, super outstanding. I weary of frozen foods and limited combinations, I tire utterly of this slobby bachelor nonsense. Make with the recipes!