Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Mini-movie review:Juno

Just got back from the local theater to see this lovely film. It's the adorable story of boy and girl do it, girl gets pregnant, girl makes a decision, and hilarity and emotional tumult ensue. It's has a super adorable cast, starring, but certainly not limited to, Michael Cera (of Arrested Development and recently Superbad fame, as well as one of my favorite web-finds ever The Clark and Michael Show), as well as Ellen Page, who apparently starred as Kitty Pryde in the hellish X3.

However, all adorablility aside, this movie was almost completly perfect. The aesthetic of the whole thing had a really great Daniel Clowes/Ghost World feel, as well as some definite nods to the Salingeresque world of Wes Anderson, as well as something completely different that made the movie great, eerily familiar, and heck, i'll say it, reminded me of me.

Hello, my name is Ellen Page,and I am freakin' adorable.

I love teen movies. There, I said it. I liked them when I was a teen, and I like them now. I really HATE slapstick and gross 'man' humor (though I don't believe this sort of humor is exclusive to men, lets be clear). I'm also not entirely a fan of drug humor (though there was a pretty amazing and rare Adderall joke in this film). So this was refreshing as it sort of had that grrl power (not girl power) feel, as well as the forming of unconventional relationships and not just the boring 'hero-love interest' or 'hero-parents' or 'hero-best friend' scenarios you usually see. The focus was truly more on 'hero-self' and 'hero-?' (I can't spoil everything, now can I?).

If I were to write a tag line for this film it would be: "A post-punk story of love in unexpected places and knowing when it's time to grow up." Though that would be a total cop-out because there is nothing generic about this sweet, fun, different, film. See it.

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