Saturday, January 5, 2008

Mini-movie review:Tim Burton's Sweeney Todd

The chair in the movie was actually not red.

Went to the more corporate and less local theater tonight and saw Sweeney Todd, after 3 previously failed attempts (weather, personal problems, etc). I've heard multiple peanut gallery style reviews about this film, some said it was great, a few said it was 'boring'. Now, a lot can be said about this film: It has simple content, yes, the story does not have many characters, sure it takes place in about 3 buildings, but it is NOT boring. I can't see how anything this coated in lovely fake blood, amazing costumery, jealousy, rage, revenge, cannibalism, romance and great, spooky, fucked up music could be boring.

I want to touch on a few things, first, the costumes:I could NOT STOP LOOKING AT THEM. It's the kind of beauty that is so intense that it made me want to go out and buy a ripped up corset. It definitely had traditional 'Tim Burton' aesthetic, but also called from Victorian, Steam-punk, Ephemeral spooky ass old photos of your great grandparents, and so on. It seemed as if the filmmakers knew how brilliant and striking the clothing was, too. In one particular gorey scene, S. Todd (Depp) does not know what to do to cover up his tracks, so throws on a fucking sassy ass muted blue short coat. Looks even more hot and hides his sins in one go. Clever. I love that Burton has Johnny Depp to be his personal dress up doll, and his addition of Alan Rickman and Helena Bonham-Carter to the kit is almost enough for me to buy some Nightmare Before Christmas underwear for my boyfriend and have a Beetlejuice themed dance party.

Cleavage and razors do not equal boring

A closer look at our heroes.

Secondly, the blood was unbelievable:So much classically silly/fake thick red wonder that you could fill a room. 'Nuff said. Stuff like that rocks especially when done in a classic horror way that works and still makes you feel a bit creeped out.

And I can never resist a story about a lady-cook*, especially one with goth makeup and ripped petticoats :)
Um, excuse me for a second, I think one of my sex dreams just became a Tim Burton film.

Overall an amazing film, with pretty good vocals considering these are not 'singers' per say. For the record I would certainly not, by any means, call this film boring. I give it one strong spooky hand to the forehead.

*Yeah, I know it's about some 'demon barber' or something, but I suppose we see what we want to see :)

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