Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Shopping Post #1: Monster Pillow

For my birthday this year (12/24), I decided, drunk on Sangria from Tasca , that I deserved a little birthday present (OK, well, I'll be honest, it was from my father technically, as he supplied the birthday money).
So while browsing online, I found myself this site: Mechanical Bunny. Not only do they have pretty cute 'goth' and 'punk' clothing for all sizes of women, but they also have 'spiritual' supplies, and what caught my eye, as I've been 'redoing' my room and bed--MONSTER PILLOWS (would include link, but it seems as though that part of the site is currently down for maintenance).

I chose the monster buffalo, as he was red and black and big. The pillows are handmade, and can be customized, but this little guy was already made and ready to ship so I didn't have to wait the usual 2 weeks for the girl who runs the site to make it for me.

Oh the Horror.

Anyhow, he's very fuzzy, doesn't shed, is pretty good for a pillow with teeth, and every part of him is soft and well secured. Well worth the $35 price tag :) Plus, Frannie may have found true love.

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